Remotix for Mac

Fast, secure and feature-packed VNC viewer and RDP client


  • Remote access to Macs, Windows and Linux
  • No software needed on the remote computer
  • Supports Apple Screen Sharing, RDP, VNC protocols
  • Access Macs over internet with Back to My Mac
  • Sound, files & printer redirections for RDP
  • Rich clipboard support with images, RTF, HTML
  • File transfer, file redirection, drag & drop
  • Multiple monitor configurations
  • SSH tunneling, both VNC & RDP
  • Wake on LAN

Best for Mac Connections

Enjoy connections to remote Macs. Remotix is the only app with complete Apple Screen Sharing support. Multidisplay configurations, session selection and adaptive quality codec are only few of features Remotix provides.

RDP at Your Service

Remotix supports latest RDP 7.1 features, including sound, file redirection, printer redirection and connection quality fine tuning. It has never been easier to access Windows machines from Mac.

RDP: Complete sound support

With both with sound playback and recording, you can listen to your music from remote Windows machine or use Remotix to operate Voice-over-IP applications, such as Skype or Google Talk.

File Transfer

Share images, texts, URLs between client and server by dragging and dropping. Transfer files between your Mac and remote Mac. Both of those features are available for Apple Screen Sharing only.

Automatic Discovery of Computers

Discover nearby and remote Macs via Bonjour. Scan your LAN for PCs. Use NetBIOS or IP address range scanning to group servers and detect available connections.

VNC: Picture Quality Tuning

For Mac connections you can choose between five quality levels based on your needs, internet connection method and speed. For Windows connections you can switch between three levels of color depth.

Security & Authentication

Remotix supports VNC and RDP SSH tunneling with both password and public key authentication methods. All major auth methods for VNC & RDP are provided as well - including OS X login and RDP NLA. Master password helps protect from unattended access.

Convenient Remote Management

Zoom in and out the remote desktop or quickly get into a pixel-to-pixel mode. Take a screenshot of the remote desktop and save it on your hard drive. Fullscreen or windowed mode.

Multi-Touch Trackpad Gestures

Manage your remote desktop easily: zoom, drag and drop, enable panning mode, scroll and access the hidden Mac Dock or Windows taskbar.

International keyboard input

No headache entering text in multiple languages. Remotix fully supports international and multilanguage keyboard input.




System requirements:

Intel Based Mac
Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later

What's new in Version 2.1.1

  • New design!
  • Gestures: zoom, smart zoom, scroll and rotation go to the remote machine (Apple Screen Sharing only)
  • Organize servers by categories
  • Master password to protect the app from unattended access
  • OS X Mavericks Screen Sharing encrypted connection fixes
  • RDP crash fixes
  • RDP timezone redirection fixes
  • OS X Mavericks font issue fixed
  • Caps Lock now works on the remote machine
  • Non-selectable .ssh files fixed
  • Can now open .rdp files